Far away from love yet close to sex,
exists a law that regulates relationships between humans...
A law that goes on and on in the unconsciousness…                                
Without our knowing, it becomes a part of our motives…
A motive that stimulates the desire hidden in us or in them and differing from one person to another…

Who? And why?!                                                                                        
ask myself these questions when I walk through these markets,
standing in front of the shop windows that reflect our images…                    
Stalls submerged with monticules of illuminated colors,                                    
in which one sees toys of children or the toys of adults...                            
Souks filled with contradictions, in this city that is full of contradictions.                                                                           
Economy and policy invites a feeling of deep sadness and tears,                 
while sex invites the feeling of joy and incites us to dance.  

In this closed religious and sexually drowned society of Women's and even men's...                                                                                                                      
Now the questions are: who, and why?!  And even how?       

Those questions remain unanswered.                                                                      
I am relying on you, in the hope to find the answers.

As for this work, it began from the first reactions that crossed my mind,           
as I think it will cross all minds.                                                               
Impossible for me to wear it!!! How would it look on me if I do?!                           
I was curious to try them on but I wasn’t brave enough.                                       
Are you


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