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Fondazione Prada - Ca' Corner della Regina curated by Germano Celant    4 June 2011 - 2 October 2011
www.fondazioneprada.org - Venice (IT)

curated by Sam Bardouil & Till Fellrath      15 December 2010 - 28 May 2011
Doha (QA)


 “I feel that we belong to countries which shoot us to other places.”

Shooting people is a way to fly, but eventually they all come back down in some way or another.
Even though they chose to be shot out…
Does everyone feel the freedom of flying?
Can we feel this freedom of flight while we are leaving our memories behind?
Can we keep it there and be in another place?
And start from “zero”, as they say.
Does “zero” exist? 

I focused on the Arab countries and how these countries shoot out their citizens like stones.
Uproot them from difficult conditions that they create, from their memories, from their histories...and these people hope to have the freedom from these heavy conditions.
Do they really feel it?
Many questions enter my mind… and many wh(y)s?

The sizes of slingshots related to the size of their countries.
The rubber would reflect the migration rate. "I researched migration over the last 10 years. I want to reflect a time period in my life"
Concrete is the material of our buildings and our walls which separate us.
It gives us a cold feeling like those countries.
Which country will give us this cold feeling? The one who shoots us out or the one who receives us?
So…Who & WH(Y)?
Buthayna Ali



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