Don’t listen! She's Only a Woman!


SHARING WATERS sauna meets hamam
curated by Ulla Kastrup

Entering their small garden of liberty
Leaving behind great prisons
Taking off their veils
Becoming free like birds in the blue sky
Releasing their ideas, lighter, they fly higher
Washing off their concerns
Returning back stronger to the prisons which were made for them.


The cells of the lockers are like the cells in the brain. We store our valuables there, like we store our thoughts. These cells are not easily opened by anyone. But, it becomes much easier in the serene atmosphere of the hamam. “As a woman, I can say with certainty that when women meet, they not only dance and relax but they also discuss intimate issues especially the ones concerning the opposite sex.” It is there that women find a refuge with each other, free to use their voices, with permission to be truly themselves in a place free from the pressures of males.

As time passed by, women’s meetings have changed places, but from my point of view their heart to heart conversations have not changed a bit.

We have an old Syrian Saying which describes a busy place with too much noise… which says, “Oh! There are so many voices in here; it sounds like the hamam in the souk!”


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